Our first step was to understand the current trip finder widget on Intrepid Travel website. When tested, the current widget resulted in 0 search results countless times and the user needed to go back and change every available input in order to find results. Thus, understanding the pain point the user experienced.

Our focus was to redesign the information architecture in regards to the search functionality and a clearer explanations of trip types offered.



Competitive Analysis

Visual Analysis

The next step for our research was to understand the key features Intrepid Travel currently implemented but also understand it’s competitor’s advantage. We created a competitive analysis chart to narrow down the essential features.

We created a visual analysis chart to understand the content. We discovered that the successful sites used responsive web design to tailor the experience across platforms and provided the right amount of content without overwhelming the user.





From using the research collected from the competitive analysis, we were able to tailor our survey questions to learn about our users behavior and habits. More importantly, how they traveled, who booked the vacation and why they booked their vacation.



As a team, we conducted over 40 interviews in order to understand the customer base by discovering behavior and travel patterns.

Users spoke passionately about their past trips and future vacations they wish to embark on. Users would speak fondly about activities they participated in. We wanted to encapsulate that narrative within the Intrepid experience.



One of the biggest pain points was that the users found vacation planning to be impersonal

The reasons for vacationing varied as much as their demographic did. This meant the search functionality had to be flexible enough to accommodate all types. Certain factors like safety and price came up frequently which helped us figure what information to show on trip pages.




Next, we identified the behavioral patterns and grouped them according to their interest group. From here, we created five personas to validate potential features. Our main persona, Lisa, embodied the new market Intrepid Travel’s wants to target. Lisa’s main goal was to book a vacation that suited all her family’s wants and needs.




We go online everywhere and anywhere. In 2009, 1% of global internet traffic came from mobile devices. By the end of 2012, it had risen to 13% and by 2015, more than 50% of the global internet traffic will come from mobile devices.

Our reasons to go responsive was to to create a cohesive experience on all types of digital platforms. This allowed us to keep the core content and optimize the experience.  Plus, the alternative is costly and is a pain to maintain multiple versions of the content.




Designing for mobile, we started sketching possible interfaces that our users would use to search for a trip. We paper prototyped an interactive drop down menu with icons for each category. Unfortunately, users were unclear how to access the drop down menu.




Our initial user flow was created for our main users, Lisa. We put ourselves in her shoes in order to understand her pain points and discovered our first iteration lacked a personable experience.




We went back to the drawing board and reorganized the information architecture. This allowed the user to search for trips based on their Interest, Destination or Trip Styles that Intrepid offers.

We reiterated on the trip finder widget and designed the MadLib feature. With every input the user would choose, the widget would automate the number of the available trips. This not only made the user experience more pleasurable when searching for trips but it encapsulated the Intrepid brand and experience through storytelling.






In our next iteration, we discovered through testing that user needed the option to filter search result from the vacation listing page without repeating the process from the beginning. We implemented a hidden search filter to allow for a flexible search.




We resulted with a responsive redesign of the Intrepid Travel website. User can search for trips based off of their Interests, Destination or Trips Styles as well as the Madlib Trip Finder Widget which encapsulates the Intrepid brand through storytelling.